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About Us

Our motto is to put people and planet before profit and power; community before corporations; health before wealth; ecology before economy. As a small community-owned business, we hope to model a new paradigm for business. Our purpose here at the store is to provide a place where people can come to learn new ways to eat, improve digestion, strengthen their immune systems, increase resilience, experience a sense of community and make purchasing choices that do not harm themselves or the planet.


The Community Farm Store is a place to meet and a place to be met. From the very core of our hearts we thank you for choosing organic and invite you to join our quest for health and conscious living.

The Team

We make planet-friendly shopping easy! No GMO's, no toxins, no factory farming! Staffed by over 50 tree-hugging, planet-loving, community building, organic food enthusiasts. We only sell to our customers what we would feed to our own families. Conscious buying for conscious shoppers. 100% community-owned! Just one minute South of Duncan!

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