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Welcome to the CFS Membership Program 

Are you a member? You certainly don't need to be a member to shop with us, but with perks like these, we recommend it.

Bulk Purchasing

As a member, you will be eligible to pre-order most items in our store in bulk (meaning by the sack or the case) for significant savings. This usually translates into savings of about 15-20% off the current retail price of that item. Only members will be able to place "co-op orders". Due to space limitations at the CFS, we ask that our members pick up their orders ASAP, ideally within 24-48 hours of notification of its arrival.

2% Rebate (Individual/Family Membership)

As a member of the CFS, 2% of your total purchases (before tax) will accrue and you will earn $20 as a grocery credit when you have reached 1000 points. These points are non-transferable.


$10 Coupon When You Spend $200+ on One Receipt

This coupon is issued when you spend more than $200 and it can be used during your next transaction at the CFS or the Freya-Sophia Waldorf Store next door (beside Glow), which is a division of the Community Farm Store. ( Please note: Receipts cannot be added together. No exceptions.


As a member, you will be receiving important store related news on a regular basis; new products, specials, workshops, advance notice of case lot sales, community announcements, seasonal markets outdoors and upstairs, upcoming events, and much more. The CFS will not share this email list with anybody.

Speical Seniors' Membership

If you are 65 or over you may come in to the store with your ID to apply for a Senior's Membership that gives you 10% off regular priced items in our store. This membership can only be used by the member themselves when they are shopping in person. It is not transferable.

**Non-discountable items include produce, meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, fresh juice, sale items, consignment, and co-ops.

Once the Application is Processed...

When your application has been processed, you will receive a welcome letter via email. The phone number provided on your application will be the membership number assigned to your account.

CFS Membership Application/Agreement

On behalf of the CFS staff and management, we wish to thank you and congratulate you for becoming a member of our store and for supporting our mission. We look forward to the many ways by which we will be able to serve you, our community, and our planet, As a Community Farm Store member, you are expressing consent to receive emails from CFS by filling out this form. You understand the membership program is intended to be a reward program that will facilitate better communication and connection between the CFS and its customers.

Any inquiries, expressions of support, ideas, comments, favorite memories and expressions of support can be directed to Nicolette at

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